“1 hour for my baby” campaign



The campaign “1 hour for my baby” took place in 7 days from 12 to 19.01.2017.

The campaign was carried out with the sponsorship and support from the Center for Development and Integration (CDI), the Centre for Education Promotion and Empowerment for Women  (CEPEW), Sakedemy fund for community’s initiatives, and media support from Le Bich group’s artists through the caricatures.


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After 7 days running, the campaign has received much positive feedback from the public:

  • More than 55 people took photo with the hashtag and spread the campaign on social media
  • The article written on the Law Faculty magazine: “Female workers are about to lose the right to for less working time during period and raising baby under 1 year” reached 1,000 shares
  • 11 in-depth interviews with photos of employees working in the industrial zone in Gia Lam, Dong Anh and Co Nhue, Hanoi
  • Over 225 comments on the official website of the amendment bill of the Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs. Of which 198 comments (88%) were about 60 minutes break clauses for which the campaign is raising up
  • 161++ people have signed the online Petition letter after more than 24 hours posting

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