Change awareness, change life


We went to Minh Son commune, Bac Me district, Ha Giang province at the end of the year. After attending the Conference to review the implementation of the Law on Access to Information in Bac Me district in 2021, held at the People’s Committee of Minh Son commune, we were taken away by Mr. Mua Mi Xi, Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front in Minh Son commune to visit a clean water project under construction in Lung Vay village, a poor village of Minh Son commune.

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Although it has been under construction for 2 months now, the information about the project has not been published on the information page of the commune according to regulations. According to Mr. Mua Mi Xi, Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front in Minh Son commune, this project is expected to provide clean water for more than 60 households in the village, so people are very interested in the project. When they saw that the water pipe was thin and did not meet the quality requirements, people immediately reported it to the CSC. A clear demonstration of the change in people’s perception: more proactive, more responsible to the community.
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The road to the village is cluttered with dirt and stones, and the traffic is not convenient, so people’s lives are still difficult.
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The project “Promoting the implementation of the Law on Access to Information in Bac Me District” has been implemented by the Center for Development and Integration (CDI) since April 2021. CDI organized a training session on the Law on Financial Information for the People’s Committees of 5 communes in Bac Me district, supported the People’s Committee of Minh Son Commune in training the community on the Law on Financial Conduct, issued regulations on publicity and information provision, and built a column on financial regulation on the Internet. commune website. CDI also supports the Community Investment Supervision Board (CBS) in accessing information, training in monitoring skills, and assisting in monitoring implementation. Due to the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic during the past year, training activities from July to December were conducted online.
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However, the results have been very positive. The change comes from the perception of the poor people in the mountainous areas. From being shy, unfamiliar with information technology and the concept of “Access to information”, people here know how to look to the information page of the province, district and commune to know the economic and social situation. of their locality, especially access to information on public investment capital projects. With the support of CDI officials, Community Investment Supervision Committees were established, with the participation of the Fatherland Front and the people. The CSC sends the supervision plan, together with the request of the Commune People’s Committee to provide information and the work file (the decision on approving the construction of the work, enclosed with the design drawing of the work, the cost estimate of the work), study the dossier. , actively discuss with stakeholders, directly go to the field to compare, contrast and give feedback.
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Projects such as: repairing classrooms, schools in Tam Mo village, Yen Dinh commune, concrete road in Lung Lau village, Minh Ngoc commune, concrete road in Khuoi Loa village, Minh Son commune… are all being monitored and reflected by the CSC. when there is a problem.
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The people of Lung Vay village want to have enough clean water for daily life, so they are very interested in the village’s clean water project.
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New and spacious school sites, asphalted concrete roads gradually replacing stony dirt roads, new cultural houses, clean water works that bring water to people’s homes… life in the poor mountains is gradually becoming flourished, from changes in perception and access to information of the government and each citizen.

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