Advocacy for the Law on State Budget 2015 adopted by the National Assembly on June 25, 2015 (as coordinator of BTAP Coalition)


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Recommendation 1 (Article 15):

  1. Adding contents to be published:

– Adjustment of budget proposal

– Data, explanatory report for the budget proposal

– The audit report, the results of implementation of the audit proposal and the inspection result


– Regulation for time of publicity (the draft Law in April 2015)

– Data, explanatory report on budget proposal (the draft Law in March 2015)

– The audit report, the results of implementation of the audit proposal and the inspection result (the draft Law in October 2014)

  1. Right to request more detailed information: state budget with information content that should be in the published category but not made public.

Form of publicity: Listed at offices, websites, annual meeting.


The right to request information and participate in community-based finance-budget monitoring in accordance with the law (Article 33, paragraph 4) – (the draft in March 2015)

Form of publicity:

Posting at the offices of agencies, units, publishing on websites, announcing in the annual meeting…

  1. Citizen budget


The content of the “Citizen’s Budget” has been adopted in the regulations on the requirement for simple, easy to understand, with explanations in publishing information about the state budget.


Recommendation 2: Community participation – article 15, article 44

  1. Content of participation:

– Participate in the planning and allocation of state budget

– Participate in overseeing the implementation of budget proposal and implementation of publicity and transparency


– Supervising the implementation of budget proposal and implementation of publicity and transparency

  1. Form of participation:

– Direct participation:

– Indirect participation: through the Fatherland Front, member organizations of the Fatherland Front


– Direct participation: citizens have the right to request information (Article 33, paragraph 4) – (Draft March 2015)

– Participate indirectly through the Fatherland Front

Continue to recommend:

– To add provisions on disclosure of the contents of state budget adjustment since the request for adjustment of the budget proposal unit and the decision of the competent state agency permitting the adjustment of the budget proposal are made

– The specific recommendation is to add 1 item in the Article on budget disclosure or to supplement 1 Article on publicizing budget proposal, details as follows:

  1. Adjustment of budget proposal is one of the contents of budget proposal;
  2. Information on the proposed adjustment of budget proposal of budget drafting units and the decisions permitting the adjustment of budget proposal of competent state agencies shall be disclosed in full according to the regulations on the publicity of budget proposal and projected budget allocation “.

 To add specific regulations on people’s participation in the process of estimation and proposed allocation of budgets at all levels, which are recommended to add 2 Items to Article 44 of the Draft Budget Law

 To supplement regulations on accountability when organizations and citizens implement their right to supervision

Citizens have the right to directly monitor or supervise indirectly through socio-professional organizations and social organizations representing them on the formulation, allocation, execution and settlement of the state budget in different budget levels in accordance with the provisions of this Law and other relevant legal documents. The monitoring opinions will be sent to the people in charge of receiving the comments from the people’s supervision according to the Government’s regulations; or sent to the National Assembly, People’s Councils at all levels; or sent to the Fatherland Front or its socio-political member organizations.

When agencies and organizations receive people’s comments that are legal, they will, according to their respective competence, request concerned agencies, organizations and individuals to explain and send explanation back to organizations, citizens who sent monitoring comments. The deadline for the explanation is 15 days from the date of receipt of the request for explanation under the jurisdiction. In cases where the explanatory contents are complicated due to the fact that they are related to many budget categories or related to the competence of many budget levels, they may be extended once but not exceed 15 days.”