Enhance sustainable agricultural production and consumption

Project: Improving livelihoods of Vietnamese small-scale farmers: Building agri-food value chains and improving market access


Donor: Irish Aid

Project duration: Dec, 2017- Nov, 2019

Direct intervention: Central Highlands; Northern Mountainous Area; Mekong Delta

Fund: Phase 1: 150.000 Euros

Targeted beneficiaries: small-scale farmers and producers groups, including ethnic minorities


Overall objective: Improving livelihoods of Vietnam small-scale farmers through building agri-food value chains and improving market access.

Specific objective:

  • Develop and implement a standards system to scale-up the quality of Vietnamese agri-food products.
  • Enhance their capacity to produce higher value products for domestic and export markets;
  • Build consumer trust by adopting quality and traceability standards for agri-food embodied in standards-based product labelling;
  • Work to adjust government trade policies to be more ‘pro-poor’ by creating opportunities to access export markets for small-scale producers


  • Component 1: Improve the capacity of small-scale farmers to produce export quality agri-food products that will also achieve greater penetration of domestic markets
  • Component 2: Establish and promote adoption of Vietfarm standards for agri-food products produced by Vietnamese small-scale producers (including ethnic minorities)
  • Component 3: Facilitation of Market Access for small-scale producers’ groups by influencing traders and retailers via DIRECT and FAIR trade mechanism
  • Component 4: Influence trade policy in support of ‘Product of Vietnam”, one village one product model (OVOP), small producers group on export policy and value chain

Main activities:

  • Establish new cooperatives, maintain producer groups and training improve production capacity, manangent and operate group
  • Set up agricultural experimental shool: Center of practical training, experimental and transfer of agricultural technology and Set up e-learning
  • Operate “Seed fund” và award “Proud of famers- Pride of Vietnam”
  • Build the Vietfarm community of producers: apply and get the Vietfarm certification and building the value chain
  • Facilitation of market access and join of small-scale farmers in domestic and international market
  • Influence on trade policies, conduct study on value chain of agri-food with small-scale farmers