Workshop on partnership and self-reliant, sustainable groups development
12:06:25 04/06/2019

From 25 to 26 May 2019, a workshop on partnership and self-reliant, sustainable groups development was held in Vinh Yen city, Vinh Phuc province. For the first time, representatives of local partners and core groups from the 9 working project areas of CDI have the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences, assess what they have done as well as discuss possibilities for a sustainable group development.

For over 14 years of working, CDI has implemented a bunch of projects and programs in 39 provinces and cities nationwide and supported a wide range of target groups including community groups, the poor, migrant workers, young people, small farmer households… Since 2010, in addition to direct interventions, CDI has innitiated partnership and jointly carried out activities with partners in Ha Noi, Bac Ninh, Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Dong Nai, Quang Tri, Ha Giang, Son La, Lai Chau, Dak Nong… Human right-based approach has been applied in which local people and communities are centeredly focussed in implementation of various activities such as core groups establishment, capacity development for core members so that they are able to voice up as well as bridging them to policy making process and promotion of good enforcement and practice among communities. The workshop on partnership and self-reliant, sustainable groups development was held as a step towards pursuing a sustainable orientation for CDI in the next phase, with an emphasis on strong core groups and in collaboration with local partners.

Sustainable groups maintainance and development is appreciated as beneficiary to communities

At the workshop, partners and core groups have reviewed what have been done in the last 10 years by 3 priority programs: Labor Rights, Good Governance and Inclusive Growth. Accordingly, core groups established in the past years and upgraded themselves with capacity building (knowledge and skills), vital kills in group management and operation, networking; or learning by doing (with new technology introduction and practice among farmer groups) initially took part in dialogues with stakeholders (workers) or local monitoring activities (community groups)… They are actively involved in policy advocacy process related to public disclosure of state budget or public investment monitoring; or some policies on wages, working conditions and social security… Currently, CDI and the partners are supporting 40 core groups in localities.

Self reliance for local groups is an ultimate goal. Yet, technical support and bridging from CDI is essential to community now.

In a pride of what have been done, the partners and groups also discussed difficulties and challenges in current context, including limited resources (in terms of time, budget, human); upcoming new issues, regular technical support requirements, disrupted communication among partners on information and plans or geographic barriers…

On the basis of context, opportunities – challenges analysis, sticked to sustainable development goals (SDGs), partners and core groups propose solutions to better program implementation in the future. Key proposals are: more extensive collaboration with researcher networks, scientific evidence and data collection; continuation of capacity development for disadvantaged groups, support to initiatives and enablitiy of opportunities for groups to involve in dialogue and advocacy; promote social responsibility in business; application of technology in program management and implementation; development of prestigious standards…

Committing to core values in working with the communities is advised

In addition, CDI and the partners spent time sharing and discussing about core values, which are considered guiding principles in partnership work and program implementation practiced by CDI, including building trust, respect, integration, dedication, growth and equity. The workshop is also an opportunity for CDI’s founding members to share with partners and core groups about CDI’s vision, mission and desire “Towards a fair, solidarity and sustainable development society.”

On the second day, with the orientation of self-reliant and sustainable groups development, CDI and local groups focused on the current situation analysis and discuss on groups’ development directions in the next phase based on the resources and capabilities of the parties. After discussions and analysis, the groups chose an priority on capacity development, group maintenance and initiatives implementation whilt other activities are to be carried out in more flexible and diverse ways (online) including periodic meetings, networking events – exchanges… As for groups, with knowledge and skills acquired along with achiements, core members committed to continue to generate positive changes for the community. Some group members are willing to contribute their affordable money and knowledge to continue groups’ activities with an aim to reach more effective and more positive changes.

Collaboration and support from local partners and CDI is a good background to build sustainability values for communities

From CDI, we commit to keep support and accompany groups, with an emphasis on networking among groups and with CDI, encouraging groups to become direct partners of CDI and other networks/ sponsors; generationg action fund for groups’ initiatives in the future… The orientations have received positive consensus and support from partners and core groups in the workshop. It is a solid and precious foundation for CDI to continue to improve the program, the performance, towards long-term effectiveness, positive impacts and sustainable development.