Since foundation, Labour Rights theme has been one of the highest priorities of CDI. Starting from projects involving corporate social responsibility and providing legal support to employees, CDI has step by step consolidated and expanded its scope of work to support the improvement of living and working conditions of workers and the promotion of social security policies for migrant workers. Not limited to industrial zones, CDI's support has extended to informal sector workers, concentrated in urban and suburban areas. The overall objective of the Labour Rights program is to contribute to the protection and promotion of labor rights in the context of rapid change in Vietnam and in Asia. With the approaching method based on human rights, main actions of CDI include: organizing workers, building ability and network; providing information, supporting and consulting; enhancing multipartite dialogue; researching; advocating; organizing communication activities and campaigns; connecting regional and national networks. Along with the organization and gathering of workers, coordination issues and dialogue among stakeholders (representatives of trade unions, local authorities, landlords, businesses, research units...) are particularly given attention. Local interventions are the basis for CDI to actively participate in the policy advocacy process, including the amendments to the Labor Law, the Trade Union Law and most recently the Law on Occupational Safety and Hygiene. In addition, the CDI's programs are also based on international labor standards (ILO conventions) and Vietnam's commitments. As one of the leading organizations in Vietnam working to promote the protection of workers' rights, CDI has also participated in local and international networks to share information and experience, improve capacity, voice contributions and joint initiatives to improve working conditions, ensure safety for workers. Currently, CDI is an active member of Vietnam Action Network for Migrate Labour (, Asian Network for the Rights of Occupational and Environmental Victims (ANROEV) and Mekong Migrant Network (MMN). In the time of rapid change in nation and Asia, our goal is taking an action in protecting and promoting labour rights in Vietnam.