Training workshop “Social media campaign for policy advocacy”
16:03:18 19/03/2019

From 26 to 28 February 2019, CDI – as member of Vietnam Mining Coalition, together with Oxfam Viet Nam organized a 20-hour Training workshop on Social media campaign for policy advocacy in Ha Noi. The training was part of the project “CSO Space in Vietnam”, targeted at communication officers and staff from civil society organizations and coalitions and provinces.

The training workshop was held in the context that the social media and their emerging platforms have been making huge impacts on various aspects such as economics, culture and the whole society. Social media has generated such an ever big opportunity for users to exchange info., opinions and react as well: user can get published by themselves, share views and get connected fast and effectively. It is the virality that drives social media communication to be a poweful approach which attracts community reactions, mainstream media, policy makers and politicians. Thus, policy advocacy can take advantage of social media, optimize their open capability to reach its targeted audiences. To enhance participants’ understandings of social media and their conduction process in order to conduct viral and influential campaign have been set to be the goal of the workshop.


35 staff participated in the training workshop came from a number of coalitions such as Forest Land Coalition, Clean Water Coalition, Budget Transparency, Accountability, and Participation Coalition (BTAP), Viet Nam Mining Coalition, Viet Nam River Network, Agriculture Coalition were targeted to attend the workshop.

Trainers and facilitators during the training workshop included Hoang Duc Minh – founder of Wake it up, Mai Phan Loi – founder of Center for Education of Community, and Vu Manh Cuong – Deputy Director of Department of Communication, Ministry of Health. A combination of different backgrounds and contents provided by trainers offered participants various approaches on doing a social media campaign. Hoang Duc Minh looked at communication from the viewpoint of young generation, who are capable of doing campaigns with hi-tech support such as visual effects, message, call to action and so on. Minh also presented experiences of how to do some outstanding campaigns by his team. From his casestudies, participants discussed and analyzed factors that contributed to the success of those social media campaigns. The participants, as such, innitiated to work on their own campaigns for their coalitions.

Sharings from Mai Phan Loi reflected his experiences in conducting social media campaign to influence some policies. He also revealed possible challenges, “techniques” of working with governmental agencies and potential solutions to the issues raised.

Trainer Vu Manh Cuong concluded the workshop with detailed instructions to develop a message for a campaign.

After the training workshop, the participants were not only inspired but get equipped with knowledge and skills to conduct a social media campaign; participants are open to a new space where they can explore updates, and improve themselves to do abetter work.