Training workshop on “Sustainable Agriculture Development in the process of international economic integration” in Dak Nong
11:08:53 13/08/2018

Understanding the knowledge and practical needs of cooperatives in processing agricultural products to access to potential international markets, from 6th to 8th August 2018, Dak Nong Cooperative Alliance in collaboration with the Center for Development and Integration (CDI) conducted training workshop on “Sustainable Agriculture Development in the process of international economic integration”. Participants included 40 new cooperatives in Dak Nong province with various commodity groups (coffee, pepper, citrus, durian, avocado, cashew nuts…). The training workshop aims to equip cooperatives with the best conditions to develop sustainable agriculture and meet the requirements in the potential international markets.

In the training, basic terms of sustainable agricultural development in international economic integration have been introduced. Forty cooperatives then had discussions in order to identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges in their current production and find solutions based on priority assessment.

With an aim of boosting exports to European, American, Korean, Japanese markets, the training also provided required useful information on regulations and technical standards for products for boosting in not only the domestic market but also serving potential export markets.

Moreover, the training helps cooperative represetatives to identify their position in the global value chain so that they can work well on their project implementation and come up with high and sustainable economic efficiency.

At the training, participants were shared about 4.0 technology applied in agriculture, branding strategy, intellectual property, market development for the purpose of promotion of trade activities for each cooperative with their specialized goods.

Within three days, participants have learned and exchanged ideas in production and doing business. From the training, co-operatives also intend to set up a core cooperative alliance for commodity groups in order to jointly find a good development in a specialization, in line with the global export business.

During the training workshop, experts of VietFarm has also collected more practical knowledge and take in insight needs in order to complete VietFarm standards . With a practical basis and sincere contributions from farmers and cooperatives, experts of VietFarm will the standards and their positive impact as well.