Strengthening accountability for sustainable development
09:04:15 17/04/2017

Donor: Oxfam Hong Kong

Area of work:  Quang Tri Province

Duration: Feb 2014- Nov 2014

Total budget: VND 922.410.000


Result 1: Transparency and Accountability tools are accepted and promoted by local authorities in collecting  people’s feedback on the national programs /policies

Activity 1.1:  Organize a provincial workshop to introduce Social Accountability tools

Activity 1.2: Training on Civil Report Cards (CRC)

Activity 1.3: Training on Social Audit (SA)

Result 2: The democratization process is further institutionalized and strengthened

Activity 2.1: Evaluate the practices of CRC tool

Activity 2.2: Organize a workshop at district level to share results and evaluation on the practices of CRC

Activity 2.3:  Evaluate the effectiveness of public construction by using Social Audit tool

Activity 2.4: Dialogues at communal level

Activity 2.5: Printing and reporting

Result 3: Management and decision makers have been increased awareness on the situation in localities and moved to take action on reform measures for more effective and responsive public services, public investments and public expenditures

Activity 3.1: Sharing workshop at provincial level