Representatives of the Embassy of Ireland visiting Thuan An Cooperative
17:09:40 18/09/2015

To assess the results of the project “Strengthening social accountability and good governance for better targeted and sustainable poverty reduction in Dak Mil district, Dak Nong province”, on 15 September 2015, the representatives of Irish Embassy, leaded by Ms. Nuala O’Brien, visited the project area in Thuan An commune, Dak Mil district.


The working group visited coffee plantations of the beneficiaries of the project, the wet coffee processing plants and some households and held a discussion with members of  Thuan An Cooperative. Delegation was glad to see firsthand the fruits of that project and people have come together to strive to achieve. The majority of households after participating in a fair agricultural cooperatives Thuan An has been a positive change in the lives, livelihoods are improved by coffee price under Fair Trade standards are higher than the market price while community project area has also benefited more from the welfare fund from the sale of coffee. Cooperatives have befriended welfare fund supports road in CHC, supported housing for disadvantaged families in the commune.

In the group discussion, the delegates listened to thoughts and aspirations of the members. There are still a lot of difficulties on the uncertainty of coffee price, the products sold under the fair trade channel have not been much, however, most people are excited about the benefits of joining the Cooperative and being supported by the projects, and also want to continue receiving the support of the Project for sustainable coffee production and promoting sales coffee products. Irish Aid has approved the new project for the period 2015 – 2016, “Improvement of livelihoods of the poor and ethnic minorities in the Central Highland of Vietnam through engaging into sustainable coffee production and pro-poor market access” to continue supporting Thuan An Cooperative as well as some other coffee producer cooperatives in the Central Highlands provinces.