Luong Van Hung – responsible team leader who dares to speak dares to do
15:05:14 18/05/2017

Hung had assumed the responsibility of being the leader of the “Sum họp” (Grathering) group for nearly a year until the project ended, when the former leader had moved away. Hung himself was a complete newcomer at that time, from Son La to Nam Sach, Hai Duong looking for work.

On his earlier time in the industrial zone, he spent nearly two months applying into more than 20 companies until he got his job in the textile department of Tinh Loi 2 – Nam Sach Industrial Zone, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong Province.

Since Hung first accepted his duties, he had always been a passionate, responsible, inquiring leader. At the same time, he’s also very concerned about the rights and how to demand and protect the rights of workers.


Photo: Hung (lower row, second from right) and Sum hop team winning the First price in the contest “Knowledge – Talent of workers 2016” in Nam Sach industrical zone, Hai Duong

While being a team leader, he was involved in a wide range of activities to improve awareness and capacity building such as trainings on group operating skills, occupational safety and health knowledge in garment industry, training on knowledge of labor law and health care; consultation on labor law for workers; contests on Labor Law and social security as well as sports and cultural exchange events between workers and local people. In every activity, he always actively investigates information and knowledge related to workers’ rights such as policies related to Labor Law, social insurance, overtime or even maternity policy for female workers. As a person who is easy-going, cheerful, open-minded and caring about others, he is trusted by the team members who come to seek advice when they have problems in the company and in life.

While attending a number of group meetings and training on the topic of protective clothing for garment workers, understanding the importance of ensuring occupational safety and health in the manufacturing process, he was very active in exchanging information and sharing about the current situation in the factory that he and many other group members are working where the workers were not fully equipped with protective equipments. After the training sessions and group activities with the members of the boardinghouse, he proactively proposed that the company provide sufficient labor protection equipment for workers, such as masks, ear protection, gloves… 1 month after his proposal was sent to the company, workers in his workshop were fully equipped with labor protection equipments. He proudly shared with us:

“My team raised up the issue of occupational health and safety gear for workers at a corporate meeting. Previously the company did not provide protective clothing such as masks, ear protection, gloves… for us. After about a month, the company provided the necessary protective gear. This issue was not only raised in that meeting but also to the Confederation of Labor. As a result, now all workers in the workshop are equipped with these protective clothing!”