Launch Photovoice Contest: A safe working day
16:10:31 26/10/2018

Photovoice Contest “A Safe Working Day” was officially launched on 18th October 2018 by the CDI with the support of the Belgian Development Cooperation and Oxfam in Vietnam. The contest is an opportunity for employees working in the textile and electronics industries to share their work day stories in pictures and languages ​​under their own “lens”. These simple stories and snapshots will offer a rough picture of the working conditions of the workers in the two sectors.

Contestants: Employees working in electronics and textiles industries
Topics: In order to reflect a working day of texttile and electronics workers, topics can varied but not limited to the following suggestions”
– Experience one’s own day

– A risk to workplace safety that you want to change

– An initiative to improve working conditions at the factory

– A dream of a safe workplace – happiness for everyone

There are two rounds of competition: weekly rounds and final rounds. Contest time duration: 18/10/2018 – 13/12/2018.

Further details on the Contest can be found at website:

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