Promoting Civil Society Organization in social monitoring for improving public services and budget transparency
10:04:42 27/04/2017


Implementing partner: CDI (on behalf of BTAP Coalition)

Duration: Quarter III-IV, 2016 (1 August 2016 – 30 November 2016), extended until 20 Feb 2017

Budget: 36.890 USD

Overall Objective: To build capacity for CSOs and promote budget transparency and equity for children


  • Activity 1: Develop and deliver training programs in budget transparency and public finance for children for CSOs and elected bodies (PF4C)
  • Activity 2: Joint research on need assessment of information on child focus for Citizen Budget
  • Activity 3: Organize an advocacy workshop on budget transparency and budget allocation 2017, especially budget for the exercise of child’s rights and children protection
  • Activity 4: Develop communication products on state budget (4.1 Develop 2 infographic videos on budget cycle and how people can engage in budgetary process; and 4.2 Develop and print 350 copies of 100 Q&A on State budget and Budget transparency)
  • Activity 5: Organize an online contest: young people‘s innovative ideas on budget transparency and accountability