Dialogue between workers and related parties in Ap Don hamlet, Yen Trung commune, Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province
18:06:04 24/06/2019

On June 16, 2019, CDI in collaboration with Bac Ninh province Labor Union held a dialogue between workers and related parties in Ap Don hamlet, Yen Trung commune, Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province. The dialogue aims to involve related parties in a discusion on common issues concerning workers in Ap Don hamlet such as electricity prices, clean water, pollution, local security…

Participants in the dialog are Mr. Than Van Vong – Vice president of Bac Ninh Labor Union, Mrs. Nguyen Thu Thuy -Deputy Director of Bac Ninh Electricity, Ap Don village representatives, landlords and core workers living and working in Ap Don.

At the dialog, Mrs. Thuy did make it publicized current electricity price in Yen Phong, Bac Ninh as well as re-emphasized the hotline which is normally printed in electricity receipt for workers to contact for consultation. Mrs. Thuy also clarified packages of electricity service for landlords. These are useful information for landlords and workers as well while many landlords are not aware of the available counseling service offered by electricity company and employees are in vague of whether the electricity price charged is reasonable or not.  This is to drive landlords and workers to get to a common voice in electricity price determination, which is suitable for workers and fits the landlords expectations as well.

At the dialogue, workers expressed their concerns about electricity prices with an emphasis on a desire for a common price among landlords in Ap Don. The proposed price is of 2500 VND/ KWH – the price that is considered to be suitable for migrant workers’ income and not disadvantaged for landlords. Response to workers’ expectations, landlords gave the reasons for the current electricity price (VND 3,000/ KWH) such as the expense on depreciation and replacement of electrical equipments which is in some cases by workers’ bad habbit in using light bulbs in shared toilets and corridor…

At the end of the dialogue, both the workers and the landlords felt comfortable. 3 landlords did commit at the price of 2500 VND/KWH. For other landlords, it requires to have a fixed price level with open additional expenses in electricity using so that workers are clear about the final price.

Previously, 100% of the landlords in Que Vo, another district in Bac Ninh have committed to the price of 2014 VND/KWH + 10% VAT + 10% common expense after a dialog done by CDI. Currently, Que Vo applies the electricity price of 2500 VND/KWH: which is both suitable to workers and acceptable to the landlords.