11:05:25 25/05/2021

“2020 is a particular important year, making 15 years of establishment and operation of CDI. For a social organization, that number 15 years contains so many Desires – Efforts – Challenges and Pride!

15 years of building Trust!

15 years of relentless efforts towards a society of equity, solidarity and sustainable development!

15 years of supporting communities and groups of migrant workers, young people, ethnic minorities, women and girls, farmers, cooperatives, anf small-sized producers, etc.

The past 15 years are not just a journey of CDI, but a journey of connecting the community and all parties for a better future!”

CDI’s managing director
Kim Thi Thu Ha

Full report can be found hereunder:
English: CDI annual report 2020
Vietnamese: Báo cáo năm CDI 2020

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