Publication: Q&A in some labor relation issues
16:10:45 03/10/2019

As employer and employees always have different benefits, there exists disputes between those two parties. This kind of relationship poses a lot of questions: When do those differences turn to a labor dispute? What choice is the best in disputes: Negotiation, conciliation or prosecution? How to make a request for proper benefits?

Q&A in some labor relation issues is a Handbook for laborers with updates in labor laws for laborers, employers and stakeholders… to protect their rights and benefits in labor relations. In details, handbook is a collection of questions and answers by laborers and consultants related to labor relations. In other words, this book collects real situations from laborers related to labor contracts, social insurances, labor accidents and process in which disputes and complaints are dealt with.

The handbook is an effort of Working Group on Mechanism to protect workers’ rights under the project “Enhancing the position of migrant workers in Viet Nam” implemented by CDI with Oxfam in Viet Nam support.

Read full handbook here.