General introduction

The Center for Development and Integration (CDI) is a Vietnamese non-government, non-profit organization working for the rights of the disadvantaged groups to build a society of equity, solidarity and sustainable development.


The Centre for Development and Integration aims to socio-economic development and good governance to build a society in which the poor, women, men, and children are respected and treated fairly in the context of rapid economic integration in Vietnam and Asia.


To make a contribution to narrowing the social gaps and find solutions to the emerging issues of the society through supporting activities, advocacy and capacity building.

Goal (2015-2020)

To be a capable and prestigious civil society organization that aims towards equitable and sustainable development and shared prosperity through activities to promote and ensure the rights of disadvantaged groups.


 Building trust
 Respect
 Integration
 Dedication
 Growth
 Equity

Development objectives

 To strengthen the accountability and transparency through facilitating active engagement of citizens and society in policy formulation and monitoring
 To make growth more inclusive for disadvantaged groups through research, capacity development, policy formulation, creation of opportunities

Priority programs

 Good Governance
 Labor rights
 Inclusive Growth