“A twenty-something life in the factory”
17:05:58 30/05/2016

Millions of migrant workers, especially women, are facing the risk of unemployment, low salary and long hour of working in poor working conditions. Furthermore, a noticeable number of migrant workers are unable to access public services and official support channels of the government, and have difficulties in social integration in their destinations.

Since foundation, Labour Rights theme has been one of the top priorities of CDI with the objective to contribute to the protection and promotion of labour rights in the country in the context of rapid change in Vietnam and Asia.

With the human rights – based approach, key interventions of CDI include:  organizing workers, building capacity and network; providing information, supporting and consulting; enhancing multi-stakeholder dialogues; researching; advocating; organizing communication activities and campaigns; connecting regional and national networks. Currently, CDI is an active member of the Network of Action for Migrant Workers ( and Asian Network for the Rights Of Occupational and Environmental Victims (ANROEV).

With the aim at true reflection of some aspects of the life of migrant workers, CDI, in collaboration with the authors: Do Manh Cuong, Dinh Duc Hoang, Nguyen Thi Thu Lanh, with the sponsorship from Oxfam, have worked on this photobook. We would like to introduce one of the stories we’ve completed in 2015, “A twenty-something life in the factory”.


Click here to view and download the story “A twenty-something life in the factory” (“Tuổi 20 trong nhà máy”)

“Tuổi 20 trong nhà máy” – phần 1

“Tuổi 20 trong nhà máy” – phần 2

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